Our Story

I.anka-eo was born from a passion our founder had for finding an all-natural organic solution to treat fine lines and acne. She had always suffered from bad skin; acne and premature wrinkles. She knew there had to be a chemical-free but highly effective way for reducing the near constant breakouts and wrinkles she was experiencing. More than anything she wanted to come up with skin care products that were affordable, sustainable and easy to include in your skin care regime.  Using essential oils that work with your skin naturally to restore, rebalance and protect your skin, she finally did it!

She began by blending organic essential oils herself at home and discovered through extensive research and testing, formulas that could improve skin tone and texture. It wasn’t long before she was selling her formulations to family and friends, who encouraged her to take it further. 

I.anka-eo has grown tremendously since our humble beginnings. We now work with the same elite ingredient providers as the pricey brands and have customers worldwide. By keeping our operations simple we’ve eliminated unnecessary overhead expenses helping us produce high-quality cost-effective products that deliver exceptional results.

We’re out to prove that the best skincare doesn’t require compromise. It can be simple, effective, organic and affordable. 


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