February 25, 2020 3 min read

So, this weekend my staff caught me saying some variation of “don’t forget to rub it out” and I didn’t think anything of it at the time.  Though I guess a few of the men in the store would give me a bit of a look when I said it.  So maybe it’s time for a new phrase…

My Mum has always said “wrinkles only get deep because you haven’t tried to rub them out, you have to work on them” so it’s always something I have done.  Massaging my face, holding it up in corners to stretch the skin… and honestly, I think in part its reinforced when you get a facial and they massage your face and kind of smooth it out.  I could even go back to my grandmother, who used to say, “the best way to avoid wrinkles is to sleep on your back”.  This was something she maintained until her death, and she had great skin… she constantly moisturised. 

So, what happens when you Google anything related to getting rid of wrinkles?  The first answer is usually some Japanese method by which claims it will make you look younger if you do it every day for 5 minutes.  There are also a ton of YouTube videos touting Facial Yoga.  There are also a lot of articles by aestheticians and dermatologists saying that rubbing your wrinkles can actually increase the amount of sagging your face does.  So which way is the right way?

Aestheticians and dermatologists do seem to agree on the fact that facial massage by itself is good for your face.  It encourages circulation in the face, which then helps to boast collagen production.  The other thing that it helps with is the water retention that can sometimes happen, (side note, drinking water before bed can really increase how much water your face retains). 

Then there’s Dr Frederick Rossiter who believes that wrinkles are like scars and that you have to “rub them out of the muscle” to get rid of them (see everyone uses the term rub it out).  There are several websites devoted to promoting his technique, so much so that I got sidetracked in the middle of my research… I’ve decided to try the “Gulping Fish” for the next few weeks to see if it reduces the size of my two neck wrinkles.

For now, I am still in the camp that believes that wrinkles can be rubbed out (and I’m sticking with that lingo BTW), though maybe stepping it up a bit won’t hurt but instead further help me on the path to organic and sustainable beauty.  Be sure to check our Instagram for before and after neck shots…  I will let everyone else be the judge as to whether or not it’s made a difference.  After all, I don’t mind ageing, I just mind looking like it. 

As always, we want to make skincare affordable, organic, made by people and it actually has to work.  Take a look at our best-selling Good Night Ahhh for women, multi-tasking skincare that helps you get a good night sleep!


We believe that it's everyone’s responsibility to live a more sustainable life. All of us should reduce the amount of chemicals in our daily lives, then not only will we feel better… we’ll look it too!  All of our products are blended by hand when you order, and we are passionate about getting water out of skincare because it isn’t necessary.  Take a look at our products but most importantly take a look at our ingredients.  If you’ve never used oils before check out our FAQ’s to see what some of our other users have asked about.

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