Why You Should Use Face Oil

December 29, 2019 3 min read

For a very long time the people that made facial care products told us that oil was bad.  That in order to have good skin you needed to dry it out.  Like most people I also got caught up in this craze, I mean who doesn’t want to go through life without pimples, greasy skin in photos, and just have that tv commercial good-looking skin.  The problem is that, they also told us that to achieve this we had to get rid of the oil in our skin.  I actually remember buying little tiny paper squares that you could use on the go, that’s how dedicated I was to getting rid of the oil on my skin. 

So what happened….. I turned 30, and that’s where my endless search for good skin was born.  I became obsessed with finding exactly what I needed to make sure that my skin didn’t age.  I started researching the differences between black and white skin, after all the saying is “black don’t crack” but I wondered why.  It turns out that the biggest difference is the amount of lipid content between black skin versus white skin.  Lipid = Oil, so why have I spent most of my adult life trying to get rid of oil?  Furthermore, what’s the fastest way to get oil back into your skin? 

These were the questions that plagued me for more than a few years, and quite a lot of money was spent to try and find a reasonable way to increase the amount of lipid content in my face.  I tried Vaseline, yes plain old petroleum jelly, and it was pretty good but while it moisturised it didn’t help me undo the damage of years spent drying my skin out.  Then I tried a coconut oil blend, and it worked pretty well… except that I stained my pillowcases constantly and I wasn’t sure how much was actually getting through.  Then I discovered essential oils, I like to think of it as “kickin’ it old school”.  For centuries essential oils have been used for more than just a way to make a room smell nice.  Just as a scent can change your mood or calm you down after a hard day of work, they can also help your skin as well.  Still need to know more, here are a few facts for you to think on.

Fact 1

Your skin is oily because it’s dry! The human body is amazing, it will try to replace things its lost or that you’ve taken out. So it creates sebum, which is not a good moisturiser...  Instead it contributes to clogging your pores and causes you to get acne.

Fact 2

Essential oils don’t clog your pores!  Instead, because its oil your skin sucks it right up and its able to penetrate to the deepest levels of your dermis (the layers beneath your outer skin)

Fact 3

Using oil won’t give you pimples!  Instead they actually clean out your pores and balance the amount of sebum that your body produces.

Fact 4

The fastest and easiest way to deliver nutrients to your skin is in a form that your skin already produces, that’s oil. 

Take a look at our products and the very simple ingredients that are in them.

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