May 09, 2020 3 min read

People often forget that your skin is your largest organ, it protects all of your other organs so what you put on it is just as important as what you put into it.  Not taking proper care of your skin can lead to cracks in your epidermis (top layer of skin) this can lead to infections.  No matter your age, your skin is always growing and changing, it is constantly shedding old skin and creating new skin.  Finding and using products that support it and help it to complete this process naturally make a huge difference.

What is proper skin care

This means cleansing and moisturising your skin on a daily basis.  We aren’t saying that you should be using an expensive cleanser (those are usually water based and packed with chemicals), instead look for a cleansing facial soap.  These are less harsh on your skin, cheaper and they last longer.  Cleansing once a day in the evenings before 10pm is always best, so that you’re working with your skins own repair schedule.  Always wear some sort of sun and environmental protection on your face when you go out during the day.  We don’t recommend cleansing your face in the morning, because you erase all the repair that your face did the night before.

Types of skin care

There’s no point eating organic and healthy foods if you put chemicals on your skin (Skincare Chemicals to Lookout for).  Most importantly a lot of the chemicals used in traditional skincare are known to be cancer causing and endocrine inhibiters that build up in your system over time.  In our opinion simply using a skincare brand that is “natural” doesn’t go far enough.  The industry definition of natural is “ingredients currently existing in or formed by nature”, but almost every chemical component currently exists in or is formed by nature.  When something is no longer pulled from nature and is instead synthesized over and over again, does anyone think it’s still natural?  We don’t.


Skin care should not be water based, because they evaporate (that’s what water does) and when it does, it takes your skins natural oils with it.  We live in a world where we are surrounded by chemicals, in our clothes, detergents, even our mattresses.  It is therefore no coincidence that cancer is on the rise...  So, we think that using oils are not only sustainable, but they are actually one of the best types of occlusive (forming a barrier that prevents your skin from losing moisture) that your skin needs to maintain its good health and great look.


We believe that it’s everyone’s responsibility to live a more sustainable life.  All of us should reduce the amount of chemicals we use in our daily lives; then not only will we feel better… we’ll look it too!  All of our products are blended by hand when you order, and we are passionate about getting water out of skincare because it isn’t necessary.  Take a look at our products but most importantly take a look at our ingredients.  If you’ve never used oils before check out our FAQ’s to see what some of our other users have asked about. 


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