December 24, 2019 2 min read

From our founder:

Around the time I turned 30, I became obsessed with slowing down or stopping the skin on my face from aging.  I began researching skin products and reading labels closely.  I remembered my grandmother's nightly ritual of putting on her Oil of Olay before bed, and she had fabulous skin.  My Mum however embraced a simpler approach and was famous for saying "don't forget the Vaseline” and so for years the only thing I used on my skin was vaseline and it sort of worked.  My skin was soft, I got less pimples, but I was convinced there had to be something better. 

I had always suffered from bad skin, most notably oily skin and adult acne.  Like run to the loo and wash your face with nasty hand soap in the middle of the day. I became further interested in oils as a formula for skin care, after a friend put together a coconut and rose oil blend for me, and thus began my exploration of essential oils.  As I learned more about the skin's schedule and why your face makes oil there were a few things I did.  For instance, I stopped cleansing twice a day because it was drying out my skin.  What seemed like an unanswerable problem for me was slowly being solved by using oils.

I started blending facial oils using organic essential oils available to me in California, and pretty soon I started selling them to friends and family to rave reviews.  My night-time blend started out as just "good stuff" for your face, but then I thought why not add elements that help you get to sleep as well.  I believe that as we age we find it harder to get a good nights sleep, which is why I put chamomile in my night-time blends.  Chamomile is great for your skin as well as helping you get to sleep it also calms your face and helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles. 

So now that I'm almost 40, my mantra is "I don't mind ageing, I just don't want to look it".  



We believe that it's everyone’s responsibility to live a more sustainable life. All of us should reduce the amount of chemicals in our daily lives, then not only will we feel better… we’ll look it too!  All of our products are blended by hand when you order, and we are passionate about getting water out of skincare because it isn’t necessary.  Take a look at our products but most importantly take a look at our ingredients.  If you’ve never used oils before check out our FAQ’s to see what some of our other users have asked about.


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