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For years we've all seen beauty industry power houses using the term “organic” or “natural” to sell a product, but what does it actually mean?  Furthermore, what are the benefits of going all natural or organic with your skincare regime?

What does organic mean?

Organic means that all the ingredients used to make the product have been farmed without pesticides, herbicides or chemicals.  It also means that as a result the ingredients are of a higher quality.

What’s the difference between natural and organic?

Natural, simply means that the products are cultivated from a naturally occurring event.  This distinction does not mean that they aren’t using chemicals in the growing of the ingredients.  It also doesn’t mean that the ingredient that they are using is the naturally occurring form of it.  As with most things in the modern world, they have figured out how to make things in a lab rather than actually extracting it from the plant.  At what point does a natural ingredient that has been synthesized over and over again in a lab, no longer qualify as natural?  Well the short answer is that it doesn’t…  As long as it has occurred somewhere in nature at some point, the producer can term the ingredient as being “100% Natural”.

How does this mesh with the Clean Beauty trend?

It seems like everywhere you look, you see “Green Beauty”, “Clean Beauty”, “Non-Toxic” and “Paraben Free” on every beauty product.  Realistically, the idea behind all of them is to be as transparent as possible with customers.  We do this by listing our ingredients, ethics and packaging.

What are the benefits of using organic skin care products?

Overall wellness and kindness to the planet are the two biggest reasons to start using organic products, and also to get the chemicals out of your system.  Back in 2004 the Environmental Working Group (EWG) published a study that found that the average woman in the US used 168 chemicals on their skin every day.  In 2009 Bionsen (Deodorant Maker) published a study that said women in the UK “host” 515 chemicals on their bodies every day.  In 2016 Skinstore.com did a survey that revealed the average American woman puts “16 products minimum” on their face before they leave the house every day.  

If everyone began using organic skin and beauty products, this figure would reduce dramatically. 

"Cancer is on the rise, infertility is on the rise, allergies in children are on the rise, and people can't figure out why," said Nneka Leiba, the director of healthy living science at EWG (Environment Working Group), which has been monitoring chemicals in cosmetics for over a decade.  "The increases are not just due to genetics and new diagnostic techniques." - "Pretty hurts: are chemicals in beauty products making us ill?"

What are the benefits of switching to organic products?

Most often switching to organic products clears up dermatological problems that people have been experiencing for years.  You can see some of our other blog posts on this, but more often than not your bad skin is actually a reaction to the chemicals and water that are contained in most skincare products. 

Where to start?

You should do this slowly but starting with your “leave on” products is the best place to begin.  These are things that your skin soaks in, and once you’ve found the right blend, you can begin to explore “rinse-off” products like your cleanser.

We invite you to look at our ingredients, and we also only use Soil Association Certified Organic ingredients in all of our blends because we know it makes a difference.  We DO NOT test on animals; we only use humans for that super important job.  Lastly, we try to be as sustainable as possible, for us this means we don’t have a product box, our packaging is 100% recyclable and all, but one piece of our product bottle can be recycled. 

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