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Climate change is happening and its incumbent on all of us to decrease our drag on the planet.  This does NOT mean that you need to be perfect at it…  If everyone took baby steps in the right direction, the impact would still be massive.  We think that the more you know about what swaps you can make the easier it will be… after all the little steps eventually lead to even bigger ones. 



Possibly the hardest one to give up is your cleanser…  We know that a good cleanser is the foundation of your skin care routine… when it works your skin looks awesome and it feels great too!  Though the biggest problem with cleansers is the plastic bottle… each bottle takes 450 years to decompose into a smaller plastic.  So long after you’re gone… your trash won’t be.  There’s also the matter of the amount of water it takes to create a liquid cleanser…  So even if you’ve stopped buying bottled water all you’ve done is replace it with your skin care cleanser.


There are so many great cleanser bars out there right now.  One of our favourites is the Ethique Bliss Bar it’s for normal to dry skin, but it is awesome at hydration and cleaning out your pores without stripping the good stuff off your skin.

We know you’ve likely used soap in the past and felt like your skin was the worse of for it… probably dry and a bit flaky.  Soaps have seriously stepped up their game and can now deliver even more nutrients without the chemicals and water! 


Stop using disposable masks!  We’ve all had that moment where you keep several on hand because you don’t know what your skin will need…  Though sometimes it’s not your skin, it’s you that needs to fade away with a lovely mask to release from the end of the day.  Just like your water bottle they and the packaging that they came in will take just as long to decompose.  They are generally made of nylon, plastic microfibers and polyester… we think your skin deserves better. 


Make a sheet mask!  You can find patterns on the internet or you can wait until you get to your last packed mask and use that to get the exact shape.  Using an old washcloth or a towel, that you can reuse over and over again makes all the difference.  As well you can make fresh masks, better ingredients equal better skin!  For instance, you can blend an entire cucumber into juice, store in a jar in your refrigerator, add 6 or 7 drops of lavender essential oil to it and leave in your fridge.  When you’re ready you just soak the sheet mask in some of the juice and apply to your face.  Hydration and relaxation… check!


Get the cotton out of your skin care routine!  We know you might think “it’s just cotton balls” how bad could they really be?  Oh, but let us tell you…  To produce enough cotton to make a t-shirt equates to the amount of water a human being would drink in 3 years.  Now think of how much you use cotton balls or rounds in your skin care routine…  This also doesn’t include the amount of pesticides used in the growing, so much that it often depletes the soil and creates runoff issues that can contaminate ground water.  We aren’t even going to mention the plastic bag that they come in….


While there are a lot of good alternatives out there, the simples and cheapest one is to use reusable cotton rounds.  We are lovers of Tabitha Eve’s Make-Up Pads.  The price is right, and you can just toss them in with your regular laundry…. Or dare we say it?  Just wash them by hand after you’ve used them at the end of the day, as they dry overnight quite easily.


We talked about cotton balls above, and its ditto all that plus the plastic in the center of your Q-Tip… 


We love, like really love The Humble Co.’s cotton swabs!  Not only are they biodegradable, vegan, cruelty free and clean conscience good… they are made from bamboo, which is as sustainable as it gets.  There are also silicone-based swabs out there, where you can just buy one and done.  You decide what works best for you.

We hope that we’ve given you enough things to think about in your skin care routine, because in no way should we be drowning in plastic so that everyone has great skin... food for thought. 

Check back for more sustainable skin care tips!

As always, we advocate for a sustainable skin care routine, free of chemicals because we believe that having great skin shouldn't wreck the planet or mess with your body.  Instead using what the earth has given us can enhance and protect the skin we already have.  Would you like to read more?  Here are some of our most popular blogs:

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Have you checked your sunscreen ingredients lately?

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