January 14, 2021 3 min read

Being vegan isn’t just about your food, it has become a lifestyle that extends from your jewelry and clothing to what’s in your bathroom cabinets.  However, we know everyone isn’t quite there yet… enter Veganuary!  If you’re looking to try out a vegan lifestyle then here’s a way to do it with some support, they’ve got recipes, eating guides and everything you need to really give it a try. 

For our part we truly believe that at the same time you’re trying Veganuary on for your tummy, it might also be a great opportunity for you to do the same thing with your skin care and here’s why…

Cruelty-Free Skin Care

Not all products that are labelled “vegan” are cruelty-free.  Generally speaking, “cruelty-free” means that the products were not tested on any animals.  While the EU began banning animal testing in 1993 with a full ban going into force in 2013, that isn’t the case everywhere in the world.  Being truly cruelty-free also means that none of the ingredients used in the making of the products have been tested on animals. 

Less Irritating but more powerful

 Plant based skin care products are typically milder than products made using synthetic or animal-based materials.  However, they also tend to have a higher percentage of active ingredients, which means you are getting more bang for your buck.  While it is still possible to have a negative reaction when using natural products (always check the ingredients list and do a patch test first), they are rarer and short lived. 

Better for the Environment

According to PETA going Vegan can reduce your personal carbon footprint by 1.5 tons of carbon dioxide per year.  Please note that’s about a 73% reduction just from switching your diet up, imaging the possibilities if that also included your skin care.  Ethically produced vegan skin care as well has a lower footprint than traditional skin care.  Here at I.ANKA-EO all of our ingredients are sourced within 500km of London, as well we use smaller suppliers that are Soil Association certified organic.  We only use glass bottles and have a plastic free option for refills and first-time shoppers.  We’ve even started using Vegan tape, plastic free and 100% biodegradable for all of our shipments.  

Your Body Knows What to Do 

If you can’t even pronounce the ingredients in your skin care, what makes you think your skin knows what to do with them?  In truth it doesn’t…  Animal and chemical based ingredients cause your skin to have a reaction, you ever hear about the guy that poked the bear?  Rather than causing a reaction, vegan skin care ingredients are made from plants and their by-products, just like your tummy has an easier time digesting them, so too does your skin. 

Whatever you decide to do with your Veganuary, we hope that you’ll at least explore reducing your environmental impact.  After all this month isn’t just a restart for us humans, it’s also another year for our planet.

As always, we advocate for a sustainable skin care routine, free of chemicals because we believe that having great skin shouldn't wreck the planet or mess with your body.  Instead using what the earth has given us can enhance and protect the skin we already have. 

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