July 08, 2020 3 min read

We are officially well on our way with Plastic Free July! How are you getting on?

Plastic Free for more than just July

We love Plastic Free July!  Invariably when we become aware of how much plastic we use it gives us a bit of a gut check, remember its 400 years for just one piece to biodegrade.  Another reason that we love Plastic Free July because it’s also a time when people are exploring sustainable alternatives.

The beauty industry uses a lot of water in everything from lotion to shampoo, and when water is your largest ingredient it is very hard to get away from plastic.  Water is primarily used because it’s as cheap a base ingredient as they come, but using water also means that you have to add preservative chemicals to stop the mixture from evaporating and to stop the moisture retention to make sure that it doesn’t spoil. 

Here are some great options to get the water, plastic and chemical off your skin and out of your lifel

Say bye to your shampoo and conditioner bottles…

Say what?  Yes, you no longer have to keep bottles in your shower for shampoo and conditioner you can now buy shampoo bars.  Pro tip… you can carry these on when you’re going on a flight.  Throw them into a backpack when you go camping, because they are really light.  Basically, you won’t ever have to leave home without your own shampoo and conditioner.  We know…. You’re thinking, how could a shampoo or conditioner bar possibly replace the two giant bottles that are always in your shower, but they can!  You should do some research to find the one that is right for your hair type, they make them for all types of hair all the way from afro puffs and dreads to curls that need hydrating and to hair that retains oil.  Another really awesome thing about these products is that the buildup you get after using shampoo and conditioner for a while… well that goes away forever.

Ditch the bodywash… and the cleanser

Depending on what age you are we are sure that you have some sort of memory of using a bar of soap, and it likely is not a good one.  In the past using soap meant that your skin ended up dry and itchy or maybe there was a bit of film on it that really just left your skin feeling yucky.  Soaps have gotten an upgrade they are now oil based and made without lye, and they have them for every skin type.  Do you suffer from skin issues like back-acne well they have a bar of soap for that too!  They also have bars of soap just for your face that will as well help with dry skin, oily skin, flare ups and freak outs. 

All of these items that we mentioned are a fraction of the cost that you are currently spending on products in plastic bottles.  We know it’s hard for people to think about being more sustainable in their daily lives, especially if it is going to cost more.  That’s no longer the case, you can find sustainable and locally made products to replace things that we use every day.  Not only are you helping the environment, but you’ll likely be supporting a local business as well.  Win, win, win.

For our part in Plastic Free July

We will soon be giving our customers the option of purchasing our blends with recyclable aluminum tops.  This would make our packaging 100% recyclable, if you’ve bought our products before then you will be able to reuse the top and pipette for years to come and save £1 on every purchase going forward.

How are you going plastic free this July?

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