November 10, 2020 2 min read

We have all had to make changes because of COVID-19 the biggest of which has been wearing masks all the time.  Even though a lot of us are working from home, and there might not be any reason to put on your foundation, you’re still getting breakouts….  It could be your mask… or more specifically Maskne.


It’s acne that occurs as a result of your face mask material constantly rubbing against your skin.  It can cause micro-tears, which then lead to bacteria, dirt and oil getting underneath the surface of your skin and clogging your pores.


Wearing a face mask limits the airflow, both coming and going, but it can also be affecting your skins ability to shed dead skin cells.  As most of you know this can also lead to acne because when you add that to the micro tears from wearing the mask you have the perfect storm… in the worst possible area.  After all there is no hairstyle that covers the lower half of your face effectively.



Stop using a disposable mask!  Yup in this instance a cotton and poly blend mask are much better for your skin.  It’s also better for the environment, as a recent Guardian article pointed out that 30% of UK beaches are now littered with disposable face masks and plastic gloves.  Having a reusable mask means that you can wash and reuse as often as you like, because while they still pull the oil from your skin, with frequent washing you aren’t putting it back on your skin.

Another issue with the disposable face masks is that they are often treated with formaldehyde to disinfect them.  If you’ve got sensitive skin or are trying to avoid the chemicals in your skin care, you’d best look into buying or making a cotton reusable mask.


If the mask swap doesn’t work, you’ll want to stop exfoliating.  We know people who are religious about it, but in reality, this could be increasing your skins susceptibility to getting micro-tears.  When you exfoliate frequently you are stripping dead skin away before its ready.


Make the swap to a facial cleanser bar instead of a liquid cleanser.  If your cleanser is water based (water will be the first ingredient) then it has to include preservatives.  In most instances these chemicals remain on your skin or just below the surface.  Locking them up in a humid face mask, with sweat and oil is not good for your skin.

Good luck and may  MASKNE be just another thing you beat this year!

As always, we advocate for a sustainable skin care routine, free of chemicals because we believe that having great skin shouldn't wreck the planet or mess with your body.  Instead using what the earth has given us can enhance and protect the skin we already have.  Would you like to read more?  Here are some of our most popular blogs:

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