January 21, 2020 2 min read

So pretty much everything that you can buy to use on your skin has water in it, right?  It’s usually listed as the first, second or third ingredient.  Is water actually moisturising for your skin?  Likely not…  Generally, water is about 70-95% of your average lotion and face cream, which always bugged me because lotions and creams are expensive.  It’s not like they are using Evian in it, I mean most likely it’s just tap water.  So why water? 

  1. It’s cheap… if you could sell something for £50 and 70% of it was tap water, that’s a killer profit margin
  2. To make a lotion or cream you need three things; water, wax and oil. Water and oil won’t mix without the wax.

It’s important to note that the waxes and oils used are usually man-made petroleum products.  These chemicals are known (not thought, but actually known) to disrupt your endocrine system.  They also build up in your body tissue over time.  Why should you care?  Your lotion or face cream can disrupt the hormones that your endocrine system makes, this can affect your metabolism, sexual function, reproduction, sleep, and mood.  If you’re feeling no effects, then I guess you can keep going, but it will build up in your system.

The water in your products could also be the cause of your oily/dry skin, it most certainly was for me.  I was hydrating and not really seeing any benefit to it, well more like benefits I didn’t want… pimples and wrinkles at 25.  It turns out that when you use a water based product it actually evaporates before your skin can absorb it.  When it evaporates, it takes with it your skin’s natural oils and so your body then produces sebum to make up for it.  That’s where the bad skin comes in.

Leaving the water out of your skincare routine may be the fresh start that you’ve been looking for in 2020.  The other bonus is that in oil based products the active ingredients make up 100% rather than the likely 30% that you would see in a lotion or cream. 

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