March 09, 2020 3 min read

Before we delve into how your pores work, we thought it would be good to dispel some of the common myths about your pores. 

Myth #1 – For sure my pores open and close…. (Nope)

Pores do not open and close on their own, they do change size though.  They are generally very small, so small that you can only see them when you use one of those beauty magnifiers mirrors.  They are often the largest when they are clogged, generally with dead skin and face oil. 

Myth #2 – My face isn’t clean; my pores are always clogging (Um no)

When you get a blackhead, it is not an indication that your face is dirty or that it picks up dirt from your environment.  Blackheads are dead skin blocking your pores and the sebum (oil your face produces) backs up behind it. 

Myth #3 – If I wash my face several times a day my pores will never clog (Not a thing) 

Cleansing your face can help to remove dead skin cells that might be contributing to your breakouts.  However, it can also trigger an over production of oil, extra dry skin and cause redness. 

Myth #4 – My pores are clean; I use a chemical exfoliator (Not really)

Chemical exfoliators aren’t any better at deep cleaning than your facial cleanser, the difference is that it removes more of your dead skin.  This helps to prevent your pores from clogging up with it.

Every hair on your body has a corresponding pore, even if the hair that is beneath is not quite visible (yet).  The average human being has about 5 million pores on their body, so if a few of them look large… well it could be worse.  If you’ve got oily skin, chances are your pores appear bigger, reducing the amount of oil your skin produces will also reduce the appearance of these pores.  Protecting your face from the sun is another way to ensure that your pores don’t appear larger, no matter if the sun is shining or overcast, some form of skin protection is required.  Regular maintenance is the answer to almost invisible pores, but hopefully dispelling some of the myths behind pores will help you in your facial care regime going forward.

Most people’s pore problems can be solved by switching to an oil.  I know it sounds weird, but using oil is one of the best ways to control how much sebum your face is producing.  While we can’t speak for everyone’s facial care blends ours are formulated to clean out your pores and help with exfoliation both naturally and organically.  We say that our blends are transformative because they really do change both the look and feel of your face for the better.  


We believe that it’s everyone’s responsibility to live a more sustainable life.  All of us should reduce the amount of chemicals we use in our daily lives; then not only will we feel better… we’ll look it too!  All of our products are blended by hand when you order, and we are passionate about getting water out of skincare because it isn’t necessary.  Take a look at our products but most importantly take a look at our ingredients.  If you’ve never used oils before check out our FAQ’s to see what some of our other users have asked about. 

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