August 08, 2020 2 min read

Got Active Ingredients?

At i.anka-eo we are all about getting more bang for your buck, especially in skin care.  After all you only get skin once, it’s not replaceable…  we believe that with the proper care and attention your skin will retain its elasticity and its awesome look/feel.  The active part of that sentence is that you have to give it “proper care and attention”. 

An active ingredient is the chemical or molecule in the product that does what the product says it’s going to do.

If you look at the ingredients label of your favorite facial product it will tell you what percentage of the total make up is an “active ingredient”.  Another distinction of active ingredients is that research has proven that they cause a reaction when they are applied to your skin. 

Categories of active-containing products

Acne: vitamin A/retnoids, azelaic acid, benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid

Dryness: hyaluronic acid, vitamin E

Eczema: pimecrolimus, steroids, tacrolumus

Pigmentation issues: AHAs, BHA, hydroquinone, vitamin C, kojic acid

Rosacea: antibiotics, azelaic acid, sulfur

Psoriasis:  vitamin A/retinoids, vitamin D, anthralin, steroids, lactic acid, pimecrolimus, tacrolimus, urea

Signs of aging:  vitamin A/retnoids, vitamin C, Vitamin E, avobenzone, zinc oxide, oxybenzone 

Psst…  See our blog posting on ingredients that you should NOT be using on your skin.

How many active ingredients are in essential oil blends?

All - 100%

Yes, essential oils are active ingredients because each one causes your skin to react.

You could keep using products that only have a small percentage of active ingredients or you could use a product where all the ingredients are active.

Here at i.anka-eo we believe in the power of plant actives, which can transform and maintain your skin’s health.  It is truly proven transformative skin care because it can fundamentally change the way in which your skin operates.  Not only do essential oils help to even out your skin’s sebum production (the cause of most skin issues) they also clean out your pores and help with the shedding of dead skin.

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