March 18, 2020 2 min read

As a sustainable skincare brand, we are always looking for ways to reduce our impact on the planet and find ways to have great skin without spending a lot of money.  This all started because we were trying to find sustainable packaging for our body butters and lotions, not wanting to use plastic or glass.  This took us on a tour of packaging in the beauty industry, we learned some alarming facts, for instance that it takes 450 years for plastic bottles to biodegrade. We started looking at cleanser bottles (most of us having already given up on using body wash) to see exactly how recyclable they were…. and most of them weren’t at all.  This got us thinking… does anyone really need cleanser?

One of the benefits of using essential oils in skincare is that some of the oils we use not only help to exfoliate, but they also clean out your pores.  This got me thinking, is using a cleanser even necessary?  Some years ago I had already stopped cleansing twice a day, with great success so I figured why not…  Of course, I started doing my research first because going back to having bad skin wasn’t really something I was interested in doing.  Here’s what I found: 21 Days Without Washing My Face, Here’s Why Your Skin Looks Better When You Stop Washing Your Face, The tricks that beauty experts never reveal: Don’t wash your face

We couldn’t find anything conclusive, so our founder decided she would do 21 days without cleanser and document it on Instagram.  Her final verdict was that she would no longer be spending money on cleanser.  She didn’t get any pimples, no build up and no skin issues, in fact she reported that her skin felt more moisturized and in general just softer.  What she proved; that essential oils balance your skin, clean your pores and manage exfoliation, even in the absence of a cleanser.

If you’re thinking about switching up your routine or making your skincare routine more sustainable, this is a great place to start!


We believe that it’s everyone’s responsibility to live a more sustainable life.  All of us should reduce the amount of chemicals we use in our daily lives; then not only will we feel better… we’ll look it too!  All of our products are blended by hand when you order, and we are passionate about getting water out of skincare because it isn’t necessary.  Take a look at our products but most importantly take a look at our ingredients.  If you’ve never used oils before check out our FAQ’s to see what some of our other users have asked about. 

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